Saturday, April 23, 2011

fourth not blogging about blogging archaeology

The fourth question was:
"the act of publication for this blog carnival. How could we best capture the interplay, the multimedia experience of blogging as a more formalized publication? What would be the best outcome for this collection of insights from archaeological bloggers?"

Not having taken part in the carnival, it's not my place to say; but Martin Rundkvist has been considering a free e-book of his blogging, and that (or something of that sort, like papers derived from the carnival participants) sounds appropriate.

I also quite like the idea of a group blog or blog network (with or without its readers' open review); but as I said, it's not my place, I'm not that bothered anyway, and Middle Savagery has rounded up the participants' ideas.

I've enjoyed following it, and it's helped me think about ways to present and provide my work in the future; so thank you, one and all. I might use my blog as a more general site for work, news and links, with papers as documents on Scribd and even as videos on Xtranormal.

But for now, I must read up on Turkish political parties' moustache polemics.

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