Sunday, March 06, 2011

non parlo italiano, ma tuttavia vado in Italia!

(I don't speak Italian, but I'm going to Italy anyway!(?))

Little by little, I've been translating a conference paper on Cypriot antiquities rescue into Greek; hopefully, I'll post it soon.

However, it has taken a while - and it may take a while longer yet - because I'm moving to Italy. I'm bored of life on the dole, and exasperated by my visits to the dole office, so I'm going to try and make ends meet teaching and proofreading English.

I'm still going to be applying (anywhere and everywhere) for postdocs/jobs too, and working on my existing research material; but (again, hopefully) I'll be spending a lot of time teaching English and learning Italian.


  1. Good luck in your endeavours. (As a Ph.D. finalist I'm in a position to have some sympathy... I noticed you were reading my blog when I moved it, so I thought I'd come and wave.)

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, I was one of the select four following you via Blogger.

    When do you submit/defend/get drunk (again)?

  3. Summer/later into Summer/never, because I don't drink alcohol, whatever my more speculative reveries might suggest. My Viva date isn't entirely finalised yet, but it's got to wait for some of my examiners' other commitments to be discharged, as well as for me to crank out the rest of the thesis.

  4. Good luck with it. Keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel. Are you applying for jobs/postdocs, or escaping from the ivory tower?

  5. Escape; certainly I haven't been bothering to try to get stuff published. Awful job market + deteriorating working conditions for those who make it on the inside. I hope still to be involved in CECH, though.