Friday, January 28, 2011

student activism on illicit antiquities trade

An intern at Saving Antiquities For Everyone (SAFE), Meg, is 'designing and launching a campaign' promoting student awareness of and activism against the illicit antiquities trade.

Complementing that, this month, she started a blog on Things You Can't Take Back:
Until now, there has been no discernible widespread effort by college students to promote awareness or incite activism to curb a trade that is inextricably connected to our own lives, from the museums we visit to the terrorism we hear or experience every day....

This blog seeks to fill the huge gap in the existing blogosphere and informational sources in order to enable college students to find the information they need to help prevent making our history and archaeology degrees totally irrelevant.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I'm a big fan of your blog and it's so exciting to have so much support from the blogging community!

  2. I thought the only people who read this blog were spam bots (and obviously now, er, cloistered fans of Boy George).