Sunday, May 29, 2011

Turkey's Blogger ban lifted

I've been offline for far too long. Apparently, Turkey's Blogger ban was lifted ages ago (according to Aaron G. Myers, it was gradually lifted between the 14th of March and the 27th of April).

A Turkish satellite TV provider, Digitürk, complained that some bloggers had infringed upon its copyright (by webcasting its Lig TV channel's matches).

Digitürk's complaint didn't list their individual blogs; and Diyarbakır's court didn't understand, or didn't care about, the difference between individual blogs and blog platforms. So, Turkey banned Blogspot.

Google, Inc. pointed out that they 'rapidly respond by removing content infringing copyrights upon a related legal notification' (and thus that neither Digitürk nor the court had notified Google).

As Bianet explained, Turkish bloggers boycotted Digitürk and football fans demanded 'don't touch my blog [blogumu dokunma]'; though realistically more significantly, the Internet Technologies Association (İNETD) filed a criminal complaint of 'misconduct of office' against Digitürk, Lig TV and the Diyarbakır court.

Then the court reconsidered the ban's necessity.

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