Monday, July 12, 2010

Forum Archaeologiae: Archaeology in Conflict papers

Short versions of the papers from the International Conference on Archaeology in Conflict are available at Forum Archaeologiae.

The Forum includes Friedrich Schipper's preface on Dublin - Ramallah - Vienna: Archaeology in Conflict as a Developing Issue and Schipper and Magnus Bernhardsson's introduction to Archaeology in Conflict: Setting the Agenda.

Personally, three outstanding papers were:
  • Michael Bletzer's on Commemorating the 'Common Man' as an Ethical Research Goal in Conflict;
  • Erik Nemeth's on the Art of Cultural Intelligence: Intelligence for Countering Threats to Cultural Property in Conflict; and
  • Daniel Dante Saucedo Segami's on Archaeology and Social Conflict: Illegal Appropriation of Land and Protection of Archaeological Heritage in Peru.
Instead of a short version of my paper, I submitted a revised abstract in English, Greek and Turkish; but they could only publish the English-language abstract. (Still, their abstract links to my archive copy of the full paper on the Rescue of Forgeries and the Death of Stephanos Stephanou.)

Hardy, S A. 2010: "Cypriot antiquities rescue from the Turkish Deep State: The rescue of forgeries, and the death of Stephanos Stephanou". Paper presented at the World Archaeological Congress International Conference on Archaeology in Conflict, Vienna, Austria, 6th-10th April.

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