Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kosovo fieldwork: return

Kosova/Kosovo fieldwork notes extracts

On my return, after a period of time clearing my head in Greece, at 2.20am on the 12th of August 2005, I wrote that:
I'll be home soon - as long as I catch the plane but not the police's eye(s). I can't believe how much their policy of "shoot to kill to protect" restricts your freedom of movement and expression - you can't run anywhere, no matter how short for time you are, you can't actually or jokingly pray, whether you're religious or grateful.

(Imagine the state massacre that would ensue if police shot another passenger for running and all those around started praying their thanks that it wasn't them!)
Participants have been afforded anonymity. Formatting has been changed to make it easy to read in a blog.

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