Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cyprus fieldwork notes: blogging Balkanisation

Following my sitemeter referrals back, my New Year's Day began with the happy coincidence of finding this blog and my more general commentary on matters archaeological and anthropological, samarkeolog, flagged up by Eric Gordy at East Ethnia, a fine blog on east European and north American politics and cuisine*.

Any blog that, on hearing that leader of the Srebrenica massacre, Ratko Mladic, may commit suicide rather than surrender, observes that, "since Mladic is not a civilian, we doubt that Mladic will kill him" is worth a read.

Unfortunately, that was just two days before I moved to Cyprus and began my fieldwork there/here (notes forthcoming), putting my Balkan material on the back burner for a while, at least; nevertheless, as I sit in a cafe near the Green Line wall that segregates southern and northern, or Greek and Turkish, Cyprus, I am very aware that I am still blogging Balkanisation.

* That reminds me, I must get hold of a copy of Tassos Boulmetis's (2003) "Politiki Kouzina"; despite its international title, "a Touch of Spice", it translates as "Political Kitchen" and has been lauded by my friends.

[Updated on the 23rd of October 2007]

Finally, I got Politiki Kouzina.

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