Sunday, December 13, 2009

Phileleftheros: nationalist organisation, or Romanian gang, stole Tassos Papadopoulos's body

Greek Cypriot newspaper Phileleftheros has revealed the Greek Cypriot police's suspicions that either ultra-nationalists, or a Romanian gang, stole Greek Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos's body.

[10.45pm, 10th March 2010 update: the crime has been solved: Tassos Papadopoulos's body was stolen for ransom.]

The Daily Telegraph summarised that either 'an extremist group' stole Papadopoulos's body in hopes of 'stirring up trouble and side-tracking the peace process', or a 'Romanian gang' of 'professional tomb raiders' stole it to 'ransom' it back to the family.

Yet Phileleftheros reported the nuances of the police's claims. Greek Cypriot police did think a 'nationalist organisation [εθνικιστική οργάνωση]' might have robbed Papadopoulos's grave.

However, for some (possibly fair, but) unexplained reason, they assumed that 'some nuclei of that organization came from abroad [ήρθαν κάποιοι πυρήνες της εν λόγω οργάνωσης από το εξωτερικό]'.

Greek Cypriot police did think an 'active gang [δράση κυκλώματος]' might have stolen Papadopoulos's corpse, but again they assumed foreigners were responsible, that the gang 'consists of Romanians [αποτελείται από Ρουμάνους]'.

Nonetheless, they (seemingly) jumped to this conclusion, simply because a Romanian gang 'had recently exhumed an Austrian and demanded a ransom from his wife [(π)ρόσφατα είχαν προβεί σε εκταφή Αυστριακού και ζήτησαν λύτρα από τη σύζυγό του]'.

Realistically, it is far more likely that an ultra-nationalist gang stole Papadopoulos's body; but it is still unclear which community's ultra-nationalists probably looted the grave.


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