Monday, May 11, 2009

Nationalist, commercial, spyware or virus spam?

I really don't know what this rubbish was. Was it nationalist spam, commercial spam, spyware spam or virus spam? (By commercial, spyware or virus spam, I mean, spam that tricks someone into visiting a site, where it advertises something commercial, or installs spyware or a virus.)

I can't be bothered to read it, and I recommend you not to either. "Jill Starr" may have simply republished other people's true work (which I really can't be bothered to find out); but "her" profile, the blogs, and the differences between the blog titles and the blog addresses show "she"'s a spammer. I initially included her spam text, but now I've cut it out; if you're a masochist, you can always see screen capture image 1 below.

Still, screen capture image 2 could not have shown the problems with the hyperlinks (into which, peculiarly, the spammer had already inserted rel nofollow code). So, here is commentator "Jill Starr"'s blogger profile:

My Blogs

Team Members

Jill Starr Testifies She Felt Many Times More Safe
US tried to assassinate me': Karadzic to UN court

Indian National Project: Successes and Failures (1
JIll Starr Why She Felt So Safe on a Tivat Ferry
My Daughter Finally Contacted Me: I Thank Instablo
In What Manner Liberalism in Both Germany and Fran
Former United States CIA Assassins Confess To Jill
Visit the Law Projects Center New York Offices
War Crimes Investigator Confirmed ARound Time of M
JIll Starr Confesses Her Cousin "Gay Rosenblum Kum

erbia & Montenegro on Anti- Counterfieting Lws &
Jill Starr Confesses Her Dreams Of Living Here Whe
Bloomingdale New Jersey Police Officer's Come in m
#What It’s Like to Chill with Most Ruthless Men
Some argue that multilateralism in trade and free
Intelligence Office Sources Confirm Mladic Life in
Repairing the International Economy Is Not Only
Bloomingdale NJ Police Fail To Take Assassination

Hague's Highest Court & Its Confusing Verdicts
On the NASA Mission: TDRS-2; SPARTAN-203 Satellite
What It’s Like to Chill with the Most Ruthless Men
Read Bill Clinton's Dodging the VIetnam Draft Lett
The Original Information on KAL Flight 007 1983
Professor Addie Pollis at New School in Manhattan'
Jill Starr Urges Greater Diplomacy Between Mexico
New Evidence Pops Up In Karadzic Case

President Obama and the Geneva Convention (1949)
Diplomatic Diversity (My Personal Experiences)
First United States Citizen to File Genocide Case
Bloomningdale New Jersey Police Department Condone
UN NGO In NYC Confirms United States Used Psychait
UN NGO In NYC Confirms United States Used Psychait
Poetry By Radovan Karadzic irv in California

Military History Agha H Amin

Impediments to Peace: United States Political & Mo
Engaging In International Diplomacy With Moderate Al Qaeda Members; Let's Do It !
Jill Starr on Warning Local Passaic County Reside
French Goverenment Threatens Democratically Electe
The Mystery of Russian Downed KAL Flight 007 (1983
Jill Starr Testifies Senator John Mc Cain Ignores
ALl About War Crimes Around Kosovo (?) Any?
New School for Social Research Landmark Disability

Kridel Lawfirm (Clifton, New Jersey) Bribes Andre
Interviews Agha H Amin

Buy Books From My Half.Com Bookstore - Click on Th
Information on 9/11 & Professor Danko in NJ
Mysterious Spooks/ Spirits From My Past Scare Me A
More Psychiatrist Letters To The New School
Robert Latham at New School Allowed Ethnic Albania
United States Citizen To File Genocide Complaint

Law Projects Center Emergency Global Alerts
Discovery Channel Iraqi Spiders Paterson NJ
Understanding Each Other, Diversity and Dissent Andrea
CR Meyer

Aisha Sarwari and Yasser Hamdani
Jim Rafferty
Brigadier (retired) Samson Simon Sharaf

Robert Maier
classical one

Johann and Michele Hamman
Agha H Amin

28 more
Middle Ground On Gay Marriage
New School Professor Louise Tilly Fails Russian
On School Vouchers, Charter Schools and/or Public
President Obama and the Geneva Convention (1949) L
Columbia University Press CIAO Criminal Complicity
Repairing the International Economy
Bill Clinton’s Rape & Penetration Theory as a Pres
Cocaine, Pot, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide...Al
lout With Karadzic & Mladic On My Summer Vacation
US Intelligence Office in New York Area Confirms H
I Eye Wintessed Harry Shortway Forced Minor Child
How I found Bones Buried in My Backyard & Blooming
PEN (CZ) Magazine vs. Karadzic Poetry Case
Columbia University Press CIAO Publishes & Profits
Disability Discrimination Under Hillary CLinton's
I, Jill Starr, Am A Witness in Karadzic trial
Evidence United States Tortured Its Own Citizen
The Importance of Understanding Mr. Charles Taylor
Jill Starr Confesses Her Dreams Of Living Here
Racial Profiling & Physical Police Abuse Dominican
View Photos of the Jugoslavia Air Travel Magazine
(The profile can also be seen in screen capture image 2 below.)

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