Monday, April 06, 2009

Stephanos Stephanou: Google cache copy

I temporarily suspended the post about Stephanos Stephanou and the Syriac Bible (and related earlier posts, about the Turkey-Cyprus antiquities trade and cultural heritage ethics in a divided Cyprus), so that I could try to get the interest of a newspaper and offer them an exclusive. A few hours after I'd begun trying, someone searched for "Stephanos Stephanou" and read the Google cache copy of the post.

According to Sitemeter, whoever searched at 11.54am on the 3rd of April 2009, using (probably mobile) Vodafone on or by Lambeth Palace Road, near Waterloo and Westminster. (Sitemeter gave the hit's latitude and longitude with some precision.)

(That Google cache copy hit might fit the profile of a media professional, but) I didn't get any media interest, so I've put the post(s) back up. I will continue to research this and publish whatever I find out.

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