Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Andrei Yakhnev: secret war, public set up

Andrei Yakhnev was a willing but simultaneously dissident - public-minded, patriotic? - operative in Russia's secret war on terrorism; then, for reasons unknown, he was unsubtly set up.

Shaun Walker just published a wonderful article about the case, encompassing the Russian secret services, its war on terrorism against enemy Chechen nationalists, extremists and clans, Russian civil society resistance against wrongs on all sides, and the political and personal intrigues that swirl around all of these things.

It's a long (6,882-word) feature article on a convoluted saga, but it's beautifully and engagingly written, presenting both the story and the story about the story, the process of the investigation/research into Yakhnev's war and set-up. I'm just flagging it up here so I can find it again, because I think it's model: if I have the opportunity to tell some of the stories from my research that are accessible and interesting to a popular audience, I may borrow the arc and style of Walker's yarn about Andrei Yakhnev.

Walker, S. 2009: "Passion, deadly secrets and betrayal in Putin's Russia". The Independent, 21st April. Available at: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/passion-deadly-secrets-and-betrayal-in-putins-russia-1671597.html

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