Monday, November 05, 2007

Roma Mahalla return, Mitrovice, Kosovo

This is just a short note to the effect that I have posted (identical) updates to posts on Mitrovice/Mitrovica and samarkeolog, about the return of the Roma community driven out of their Kosova/Kosovo neighbourhood by nationalist extremists.

The updates are more detailed, but, basically, I was delighted to read that '[t]he UN refugee agency [UNHCR] has helped 92 members of Kosovo's minority Roma, Ashkalia and Egyptian (RAE) communities to return to their home district in the divided city of Mitrovica', yet, 'while 57 families had moved into the new flats and houses, only 13 of those families had been living in the IDP camps in Northern Mitrovica.... ownership of the new houses was not being passed to the occupants.... [and] the houses... were of very poor quality....'

(Belatedly reposted from samarkeolog.)

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