Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fieldwork notes extracts: format, style, change

Good news for me and anyone reading this blog: the format and style of my fieldwork notes and their extracts are going to change, or, rather, they have changed. No longer languishing without a viable research subject, I'm not making the banal "diary" entries or the random observations that I felt I had to write down, just in case.

Now, the "fieldwork notes" will range from notifications about things like the Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative ("Darfur crisis: mapping destruction"), to presentations of my site visits to abandoned villages, their conditions and histories ("Kiledar: warred village, resettled"), to reviews of aspects of the human rights situations in the places my work is concerned with ("Cyprus: sex, labour, exploitation, slavery") and will even double back to "traditional" fieldwork notes when something happens that warrants mention ("Turkey: Siirt JITEM questioning").

As can be seen from the list above, I'd shunted a lot of the interesting work that I had done (or stuff that I had found) off onto my more general blog, samarkeolog, because I wanted to make it public, but the way I'd tried to structure my work on my human rights archaeology research blog made that impractical.

So, I will be posting "fieldwork notes" less often that I had always hoped and promised (and failed) to do, but when I post (which may, perversely, be more often than I had been, on the human rights archaeology blog, at least), I will be posting more interesting, more relevant cultural heritage site documentation, thesis chapter and sub-chapter drafts, etc.

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