Saturday, December 31, 2005

Kosovo fieldwork: access; contacts; luck

Kosova/Kosovo fieldwork notes extracts

At 5.05am on the 27th of July 2005, I noted that:
It is strange how you meet people, make contacts and learn things [purely as a matter of luck] - joining the UN and OSCE staff I sat next to during dinner [in south Mitrovice] and getting the details for a cultural heritage expert and hearing about the riot and lockdown in north Mitrovica, joining the UN staff I sat across from during dinner in Prishtine and getting the details for other contacts, getting guaranteed access to Decan[/Decani] Monastery...

I also noted that:
City Sounds in Mars/Marz, Belgium looks amazing; still, only runs 'til the end of July (sound-centred but multimedia public heritage art installation). [Sadly, I cannot now find the exhibition I was talking about.]
Participants have been afforded anonymity (unless they were acting in an official capacity and unless they waived the right to anonymity explicitly). Formatting has been changed to make it easy to read in a blog.

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