Friday, December 31, 2010

Croatian Serb war crimes suspect financing life through art trade

I just heard, via the Museum Security Network, that Serbian police searched for Croatian Serb war crimes suspect Goran Hadzic and, in one of his hiding places, found paintings, and photographs of a painting by Amedeo Modigliani. It is believed that Hadzic is financing his life through the art trade.

Associated Press (AP) journalist Dušan Stojanović said the Serbian war crimes prosecutors valued the painting at 'more than 1 million euros'; but Bloomberg journalist Gordana Filipović reported their valuation as 'several millions of euros'. Unlike Stojanović, Filipović also reported that about 50 paintings had been found.

Stojanović quoted the prosecutors' formal statement, but Filipović smoothly paraphrased their belief that Hadzic 'may be trying to finance his life in hiding through the sale of art'.

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