Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ergenekon, deep state websites: Turkish Defence Ministry IPs

Following last year's post on Ergenekon Websites: Information Warfare on Cyprus, there is new evidence that Turkish deep state propaganda websites used [Turkish] Defense Ministry IPs.

Today's Zaman journalist Cihan Yenilmez has reported that the Ergenekon gang used Turkish Defence Ministry computers during its 'alleged military coup plan titled the Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism'.

Unknown people within the Turkish General Staff Information Support Department set up internet sites 'to gain public support regarding a possible military coup and mislead public opinion in line with the alleged coup plotters' aims'.

The Ergenekon prosecution case (paraphrased by Yenilmez) states that the İrtica websites 'overlap[ped] with the plans and activities mentioned in the action plan and intensively focus[ed] on topics that are [were] frequently mentioned in the action plan'.

And the list of 'coup-plotting officers'' websites established 'to mislead public opinion' include:
Yenilmez, C. 2010: "Propaganda websites used Defense Ministry IPs". Today's Zaman, 1st May. Available at:

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