Thursday, March 04, 2010

stolen, smuggled hippocampus brooch, Croesus Treasure - anonymous comment

In a comment on a post on a Turkish museum director: antiquities theft, trade; imprisonment, Anonymous alleged that Someone had the Hippocampus Brooch (1) from the Croesus Treasure (Karun Hazinesi) (2), stolen from Uşak Museum and smuggled out of Turkey between 1995 and 2006.

Possession of the artefact would be very interesting news: it would identify the guilty and offer hope of the artefact's recovery (and it would soothe Cumhuriyet journalist Özgen Acar's fear that 'perhaps the thieves have melted it down, to destroy the evidence' (Waxman, 2008).

Anonymous alleged that:
[Name deleted] has the (Karun Hazinesi) seahorse....

after serving nearly... years in prison, he was released. he then travelled to Bulgaria where the artifacts is, he then moved to Germany where he linked up with... smug[g]lers and they tried to smauggle [sic - smuggle]... but they were caught by the police in Turkey. [Name deleted] is currently under custody awaiting trial for... charges.

HE KNOWS WHERE THE KARUN HAZINESI... IS. if the turkish polise [sic - police] are clever then they can negotiate his release without charges in exchange for the return of the stolen artifacts.
I had to delete the name and other identifying information, because either Anonymous or I could be accused of libel; so, I had to reject the comment, then copy-and-paste its edited content, then post it as a comment myself.

Obviously, I'm grateful for Anonymous's information, and hopeful that Anonymous will contact me again.
  1. A hippocampus is a winged, fish-tailed horse, or seahorse; a brooch is a pin or clasp.
  2. Also known as: Karun Treasure; Lydian Hoard.
Waxman, S. 2008: "Chasing the Lydian Hoard". Smithsonian Magazine, 14th November. Available at:

[I deleted the accused person's name; their previous prison sentence; and the crime for which they are currently in custody. I also inserted paragraph breaks to make the comment easy-to-read in a blog.]

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