Thursday, December 24, 2009

Serbian money laundered, so Papadopoulos's grave robbed?

Now, there is even the suggestion that the robbery of Greek Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos's grave was related to money stolen from Serbia by Slobodan Milošević's regime, smuggled out to and laundered in Cyprus, by Serbian money-laundering front companies, which were registered in Cyprus by Papadopoulos's law firm.

On 22nd December, the Cyprus Mail's George Psyllides reported that Cypriot police have investigated Serbian businessman Predrag Đorđević (or Predrag Djordjevic), who incriminated Papadopoulos in 'sanctions-busting for the Slobobodan Milosevic regime'.

In a failed lawsuit, Đorđević claimed that, during the period of United Nations sanctions against Milošević, the Serbian banks in Cyprus mistook his business for one of the Serbian money-laundering front companies, and took their "share". But it's unclear why the lawsuit was thrown out.

Whether or not Đorđević were part of the money-laundering operation, and his partners took their "rightful" share, it would be a strange business strategy, and an even stranger act of revenge, for Đorđević to steal Papadopoulos's body from his grave.

Weirdly, then, there is a certain logic to Đorđević's claim that 'the search and questioning was a threatening message to him and his family because people still wanted to cover it all up'.

Still, on 23rd December, Psyllides reported new conspiracy theories, this time directly involving 'friends and relatives'. I don't know which of these and the Cyprus Mail-collated political exploitation is more grotesque; but, worse, I do know that both will continue.

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