Friday, October 30, 2009

Lord Renfrew on UCL incantation bowls

Over on Looting Matters, David Gill's posted an excerpt from Lord Renfrew's speech to the House of Lords, in which he discussed 654 Aramaic incantation bowls. UCL had studied the bowls for Norwegian businessman Martin Schøyen; when concerns were raised that the bowls had been looted from and should be returned to Iraq, UCL instead returned them to Schøyen.

Quoting an excerpt from Gill's excerpt, Lord Renfrew reported that the UCL Committee of Inquiry concluded that:
they had indeed been looted from Iraq, or more precisely concluded, "on the balance of probabilities that the bowls were removed from Iraq, and that their removal took place after 6th August 1990", and was therefore illegal.
(I will try to blog the case more completely in the future.)

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