Tuesday, February 12, 2008

amnesia: bookmarks lost

While my files were saved (including, thankfully, thousands of site photographs), when my old computer collapsed, I lost all of my bookmarks, which ran for pages and encompassed hundreds of stories about Kosovo, Cyprus and Turkey that I hadn't got round to using or material to inform my PhD.

It's a painful amnesia, but not a very painful one, because I tended to stop thinking about the web pages as soon as I'd bookmarked them, so I don't even know what I've lost anymore; still, it'll become more and more apparent as I try to rebuild my resources.

It might make me finally get round to dumping links onto the blog via one Firefox add-on or another, to compensate for what I've lost and to insure against it happening in the future; if I do, though, I might dump them on samarkeolog.

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