Friday, October 20, 2006

Cyprus fieldwork notes: language training; internet access

I can only (continue to) apologise that my posts of Cyprus fieldwork notes extracts are so far behind schedule. As a minimal recompense (and not to disrupt the chronological order of the fieldwork notes on this blog), I've put up photographs from two Cypriot abandoned villages, Alevga and Mansoura, on my general blog, samarkeolog.

I'm now finishing the normal, eight-week course for first-level Turkish at TOMER; I'm at the Taksim site of the Istanbul branch of the language school, which is part of Ankara University. For the past seven weeks, I've been stuck in a hostel, trying to find a flat (which is difficult if you can't afford to be charged the tourist price by the letting agents).

Until now enduring both other residents' constant interruptions and very poor internet access, on top of all of my research materials being left at home until I have an address to send them to and a space to use them in, my opportunity to work's been very limited, especially compared to the 12+ hours a day I was managing in Cyprus. It's been really frustrating, but I crave the opportunity to work, so at least I know I'll be able to return to my previous hours the first chance I get.

In a few days, I'm going to a conference on Cypriot archaeology in Edinburgh, after that to one on archaeology during conflict in London, then to two weeks of study in Cyprus, finishing by going to a conference there on Cypriot prehistoric archaeology.

If I pass the exam, when I come back, I'll be doing the intensive, four-week course for second-level Turkish at TOMER, which, unfortunately, runs on until the 6th of January, so I won't really get a Christmas (as it's always been a family time), though I might get a vaguely proper New Year (as it's normally been spent with friends).

Hopefully, despite the language training and intermittent internet access, I'll soon start to write up more Cyprus fieldwork notes (and escape for fieldwork in Cyprus to have some notes to write).

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