Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cyprus fieldwork: Jack Straw's historical facts

Cyprus fieldwork notes extracts

At 11am on the 10th of February 2006, I smiled that,
happily, Jack Straw's statements have failed to correspond to the historical facts after all, at least in some people's opinions. Alex Efthyvoulos (2006: 1) reported that southern Cypriot Minister of Justice and Public Order, Doros Theodorou, said, "that 'I am sorry, but I must say this, that Mr. Straw has lied, and indeed told many lies.

He said that we have isolated the Turkish Cypriots. This is a distortion and absolutely untrue'" (with full House of Commons questions and answers session (people's questions and Jack Straw's answers) from 7th of February on page 4 under title, "outrage over Jack Straw's remarks").

Foreign Minister George Iacovou chipped in that Jack Straw tried to create "the false picture" through a combination of "misinforming" and "remaining silent" (Efthyvoulos, 2006: 1).
Efthyvoulos, A. 2006: "Straw 'distorts truth'". The Cyprus Weekly, 10th-16th February, 1-2.

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