Monday, February 13, 2006

Cyprus fieldwork: Cyprus Problem/Annan Plan graffiti

Cyprus fieldwork notes extracts

After a couple of unremarkable days, at 4.05pm on the 13th of January 2006, I recorded, from memory, some graffiti commentary on the Annan Plan, a one-time contender for a solution to the Cyprus Problem, on a building near the Makarios Hospital/Medical Centre and the Church of Saint Dimitrios,
oxi sto Sxedio [no to the Plan]
oxi sti ksepoulima [no to the sale/sell-off],
although, after a couple more unremarkable days, at 4pm on the 16th of January, I corrected myself that it read,
oxi sto Anan [no to Annan (the Annan Plan - or Kofi Annan himself)]
oxi sto ksepoulima [no to the sale/sell-off].

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