Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kosovo fieldwork: Macedonian Orthodox Church; Ohrid

Kosova/Kosovo fieldwork notes extracts

Having accepted, at 2.30pm on the 30th of July 2005, that, "Ohrid's basically out of the question, along with seeing a friend", at 4.35pm, I noted that, "I'm going to Kukri/Phoenix [bar] tonight to meet an UNMIK member of staff, maybe..." and that, "it'll probably turn out that I needn't've hung around in Kosovo and could've gone to Lake Ohrid after all".

At 5.10pm on the 30th of July 2005, I jotted down that,
the guest house I'm in now does have satellite, so I can get the BBC - in this room at least [though it also had many, many beetles].

Maybe when I'm working here (in the region - I'm not conceding yet that I will end up in Kosovo), I'll get to Lake Ohrid - and Ohrid itself if it's apart from its namesake (though which took its name from which I don't know), to see the seat of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (that might provide a precedent for the establishment of an autocephalous Kosovan Orthodox Church) and to walk its lake's shores.

It's lucky I've been writing e-mails detailing my experiences, as I never get to write about them immediately afterwards - even today, having done nothing else, I ended up napping.
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